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More and more it is becoming vitally important that businesses, institutions, membership clubs and others ensure that their administrative systems, methods of operation and culture not only reflects current laws and regulations but surpasses them.

In this respect, Chatsworth Golf Club, has undertaken a review of its Policies and Practices and in conjunction with our partner, England Golf these have now been updated with the safeguarding and welfare of children, young adults and adults at the forefront. This process is important and members should take the time to read and digest the relevant policies which are all available on this site under the Policies menu. Members should bare in mind and put into practice these policies when playing golf at Chatsworth and elsewhere.

This process is not just a one time only update but is a continuous process. The club's officers will be continually monitoring the systems to ensure that they are working effectively and will ensure they are updated to take account of any changes in the law and regulations. In this respect the club's officers welcome any input from members regarding suggestions for any improvements to our practices, indeed they see this as important and beneficial.

In light of the systems put in place by your club, England Golf has this year awarded Chatsworth Golf Club with their Safe Golf award.

The certificate can be accessed by following the link below.