All Golfers,
I think that you are all aware that this forthcoming season will be different from previous ones, due to the introduction of WHS ( World Handicap System ).
This serves to remind all members of existing procedures as well as explaining new ones.
Most of us are now aware that we need to use the HDID app ( How Did I Do ) on our chosen device to submit a score through MSI ( Mobile Score Input ). Last year this was set up for competitions only. If you have not already downloaded the HDID app, not to be confused with the Club V1 Hub app, please do so using the same login credentials used for Club V1. HOW TO LOGIN INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE UNDER MEMBERS / MEMBERS AREA INFORMATION.
The How Did I Do app is used for registering and entering competition scores, PLEASE NOTE that competition scores will not be accepted if not entered electronically through the app this year.
It will still be necessary to complete a scorecard for the competition and put that card in the box, signed and dated in the usual way. However this will be used for verification only by the handicap secretary they will NOT be inputting any scores into the system themselves this MUST be done by the player.
: For Qualifying and Trophy Competitions the sign in register is to be used prior to play. ( This subject to Covid restrictions / use of clubroom allowing and then scores submitted by Mobile Score Input on HDID as below.
: On the page of the Club V1 app, go onto Today’s Golf and then select Score Entry and find the competition listed that you have played in.
: Follow the process and enter your score.
: Ensure that scores are entered as soon as possible after completing your round and in any event before midnight on the day of the competition.
: Scores will then affect your playing Handicap Index.
It is important that scores in a competition are entered before midnight so that the competition can be closed, processed and winners declared that day.
Hopefully the Handicap Index and your course handicaps are now understood by all. Furthermore, if you are not already aware, this year on individual qualifying rounds 95% of subsequent handicaps is applicable. This will be automatically calculated within the system you will not have to do anything in this respect.

Whilst we have been unable to undertake an Annual review this year, the H/C committee will be closely monitoring scores and applying adjustments where necessary.
To obtain your correct course handicap relevant to the red, yellow and white tees, whichever you are playing off you will need to refer to the Course / Slope Index tables, these can be located as follows :-
: On the back of the Information Board situated near the first tee.
: On the Club V1 app under WHS System / WHS Course H/C Tables in the Documents section. : On our new website under Course – WHS Slope Rating .
This year there will also be the facility to enter Supplementary Scores otherwise known as casual rounds for all members. This will greatly benefit all members by giving a true, up to date barometer of playing ability. This will also help new members, once they have obtained their handicap, in keeping that handicap live and in line with their ability.
It is important that the player’s intent to enter a casual round score for handicap purposes is noted before play begins. This can now be done electronically by registering your intent on the HDID app prior to play. Once you have clicked on casual round you will need to complete the marker section from the drop down box, naming the Chatsworth member who is marking your card.
Once you have signed in for a casual round you MUST SUBMIT your card at the end of the round. NO RETURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER WHS. This applies to competitions as well. Also if you have not signed in before your round then your card is not an acceptable score for WHS.
Please note that scores are only acceptable for handicapping purposes if certain conditions are met ;
: There is only one temporary green in play per 9 holes, and no holes are classed as bucket holes.
: Your scorecard must be marked and verified by a Chatsworth playing member with a current WHS Handicap index. The scorecard then needs to be put in the box after having been signed and dated correctly. This will be used for spot verification only not for the input of scores. This must be done by the player using MSI.
: The round must be played under the rules of golf. ( If winter rules are in play then these must be played according to the preferred lies Rules of Golf - placing within 6 inches allowed only on the general area that is cut to fairway height ).
: The intention to play has been registered prior to play as per instructions above.
Once again, supplementary scores will only be accepted if they are electronically applied to the system using the HDID app. This is done in a similar way to Competition score entry as above but instead of clicking on the relevant competition you have played in you click on Casual Round and then follow the procedure.

Supplementary scores can only be used towards your handicap index once you have actually obtained your handicap index. As an existing or new member wishing to obtain an initial Handicap Index then you will need to do the following :-
: You do not have to pre register your intention to play as per Supplementary scores above as you will be using scorecards.
: You have to complete a total of 54 holes made up by complete 9 or 18 hole rounds. : Only one round may be played per day
: You must play with an existing Chatsworth member with a current WHS Handicap Index who must mark your scorecard.
: All scorecards must be submitted together and put in the box for the Ladies / Mens handicap secretary to collate and process.


As the clubroom is still out of bounds except for the use of the toilets and washroom facilities, it is not possible to register a visitor in the visitor's book or obtain an envelope for a cash payment. Therefore one of the following methods needs to be used for the payment of guest green fees.

- If paying by cash please bring your own envelope, put the money inside, ( £15 per guest ) write your name, visitors name and date on the front of the envelope and then post through the clubroom letterbox before commencing your round.

- Secondly, pay by direct Bank transfer, please credit the Golf Club's account details are :-

Chatsworth Golf Club
Sort Code 16-12-24
Account No 11721394

As the member please quote your name as the reference when making the payment.

PLEASE NOTE - When making your booking for a visitor on the Club V1 Booking System ensure that the name of your guest is entered onto the tee sheet and not just the word guest. This will make life easier for ourselves when we reconcile the payments to names.