Chatsworth Team
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Chatsworth Team

An introduction by your Chairman, Mark Harries

It is a priviledge to act as chairman of Chatsworth Golf Club, which is affiliated to Derbyshire Golf. My work is made easier by the efficient and collegiate way in which the club has been run over many years. The club is run through its management committee with various day to day sub-committees that undertake specific tasks reporting to the main committee. Meetings are held on a regular basis with minutes made available.
The management committee consists of 13 officers and 6 ordinary members and is appointed each year by vote of ordinary members at the AGM. The sub committees consist of a Handicap Sub Committee, a Greens Sub-Committee and an Events/Competitions Sub-Committee, together with such other Sub-Committees as may from time to time be considered necessary or desirable.

The Ladies Section has its own committee for matches and competitions. The club officers are elected annually at the club's AGM. The club annually enjoys a varied list of competitions and social events organised by the respective committees. Further there are many active inter club matches held on a competitive basis again organised by the respective committee.
It is important to remember that this is a members' club and as such all policies, decisions and actions must bear this in mind to ensure that the benefit of its members is a priority. The officers and committee members are elected by ordinary members to manage the club in their interests.
Finally Chatsworth Golf Club relies upon the enthusiasm of its members for its success. Everyone involved in running the club is an unpaid volunteer and without whom there would be no golf.


Chairman - Mark Harries
Vice Chairman - Kevin Mills
Captain - Terry Branson
Vice Captain - Simon Tunnicliffe
Lady Captain - Tricia Sanderson
Lady Vice Captain - Glynis Capewell
Treasurer - Peter Skinner
Secretary - Aileen Churchill
Ladies' Secretary - Carol Marsden
Mens' H/Cap Secretary - John Mellor
Ladies' H/Cap Secretary - Jane Edwards
Fixtures Secretary - Annie McClimont
Green Secretary - Ray Shannon/Kevin Mills
Welfare Officer - Carol Marsden
Junior Organiser -Andy Kernaghan

Committee Members

Fred Mellor
Fiona Stephenson
Ann Marshall
James Ashton
Robert McDonald
James Button

Safeguarding Matters

Chatsworth Golf Club has appointed a Welfare Officer to oversee the safeguarding policies and issues arising within the club. Child and young adult safeguarding issues in particular are dealt with by the officer. The officer, along with others will ensure that the policies and their implementation are up to date and fit for purpose. Safeguarding is an important aspect of the club's duties and as such the club liaises with other agencies, such as England Golf, in the formulation of its policies.

Golf Matters

The Club, for its size, has an extensive and extremely varied golfing calendar to include matches, competitions, social golf and golfing holidays, all organised by an enthusiastic team of volunteers.
The Handicap sub-committee has the responsibility for organising and controlling all competitive golf within the club and any issues arising are dealt with by the sub-committee with ultimate responsibility referred to the management committee. The day to day organisation and co-ordination of competitions, social events and fund raising is undertaken by the Events/Competitions sub-committee reporting to the management committee for funding authorisation.

Ladies Matters

Matters apertaining to ladies' golf are organised by a well run team lead by the Ladies Captain and Vice Captain, supported by the Ladies Secretary, Ladies Handicap Secretary and Fixtures Secretary. All matters of policy are put to and authorised by the main committee having been proposed and agreed by its own committee. There is currently a very active ladies competitive events and social calendar with matches and competitions the responsibility of the Ladies Committee.

Junior Matters

Chatsworth Golf Club is currently developing its Junior Section. In this respect the Club has agreed and appointed a Junior Organiser. Lead by the Organiser it is intended that more juniors will be encouraged to join and in due course a programme of events will be published annually to include competitions, social events and external matches. A package of lessons is currently under development based at Chatsworth and Matlock Golf Clubs. The administration of this section will be undertaken by the Junior Organiser in conjunction with the club secretary. The Junior Organiser will report directly to the main committee.

Course Matters

The 9 hole course with 18 tees is an interesting challenge for the club to manage. Keeping the balance between a predominance of penal rough and widening the fairways makes a big difference to how the course scores and is always a topic of conversation. The course management is undertaken by the Green Secretary in conjunction with others and with any changes to course design policy and maintenance agreed by the Green Committee with ultimate responsibility with the Management Committee.
The day to day course maintenance is outsourced and is currently undertaken by Pope Bros Ltd. Their work is overseen by the Green Secretary and any changes of substance which may be required through out the year are carried out subject to committee approval. During the winter months constant decisions are made as to whether the course is playable due to adverse conditions. Temporary greens come into play as and when necessary.
The Club has completed its WHS changes with information available on this site.

Membership Matters

Chatsworth Golf Club is generally fortunate to be able to keep its membership numbers at sufficient levels to enable the continuous organic development of the club.
Membership is made up of Ordinary Members (generally, people employed by the Estate, retired from the Estate or living in an estate property), nominees of the Duke of Devonshire, Associate Members (restricted in numbers to maintain a balance of membership) and Junior Members of 8 to 18 years of age.