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Friendly Matches

You are invited to represent Chatsworth Golf Club in the 2021 Inter-Club Friendly Matches. After each match we will have a drink and a meal with our opponents. All fixtures require 12 Chatsworth players, plus a reserve. If you are interested please let your organiser, John Bennett, know which matches you can play in from the lists below.

Email John to confirm your availability

Gent's Friendlies

Against Home/Away Date Time Results
Bakewell Away Friday 28 May 2:00 PM  
Derbys. Police Home Friday 18 June 4:00 PM  
Beauchief Home Friday 25 June 4:00 PM  
Worksop Home Thurs 8 July 2:00 PM  
Chesterfield Home Thurs 29 July 3:00 PM  
Beauchief Away Friday 6 Aug 4:00 PM  
Worksop Away Tues 17 Aug 2:00 PM  
Cavendish Away Friday 20 Aug 4:00 PM  
Bakewell Home Friday 29 Oct 2:00 PM  

Mixed Friendlies

Against Home/Away Date Time Results
Stanedge Away Friday 30 July tbc  
Stanedge Home Friday 17 Sept tbc  
Ladies v Gents Washboard Challenge 10th April 2021
- Awards Ceremony (not exactly The Oscars) -

It was a full turnout and despite bitterly cold winds and threats of snow, everyone had a wonderful time. Nine 4balls set off determined to win the honour, this year, of a set of marigold gloves and bottle of washing up liquid as the actual washboard is currently quarantined in the Cavendish Club.

- Extensive prizes -

Battle commenced with first blood to Captain Sue and Vice-Captain Fiona with a resounding 4&3 against Captain Robert and Vice-Captain John. The men eventually came home victors 6½ to 2½. The award ceremony took place where gloves and bottle were passed to the winners and cupcakes baked by Aileen Churchill were enjoyed

Knockout Competition Draws and Results

Players in all competitions MUST be able to give their opponent(s) three dates. These dates must include one midweek date and one weekend date. Please make contact with your opponent as soon as possible after the closing date of the previous round. (If both of the previous matches have been played, then contact before the date is permitted). Player(s) unable to offer three dates or where agreement cannot be reached, then the committee will decide which player will go through to the next round. There will be no extensions to the final dates given for each round.


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Derbyshire County Golf

Listed below are the Derbyshire County Golf competition entry forms and posters. These are all available to download and print off.